Assurance Nurse Case Management

We assist you in the process of moving your injured worker towards medical stability and return to work.

Simplifies injured worker claims.

We understand the importance of addressing the physical well-being of employees and ensuring that their recovery is supported every step of the way.

We facilitate necessary medical treatments and services, and we work closely with medical professionals to ensure the best possible outcome for your injured worker.

Our objective is to support you throughout this journey and ensure a seamless transition from injury to complete recovery. We achieve this by expertly managing the claims process at any and every stage, overcoming any obstacles that hinder progress towards medical stability and return to work for your injured workers.

Our Nurse Case Management System offers cost-effective solutions to streamline your claims, whether it involves straightforward tasks like locating medical records or managing complex cases where injured workers require treatment from multiple specialties due to multiple or traumatic injuries.

By partnering with our Nurse Case Managers, you can leave the frustrating details behind and shift your focus to what really matters.

Select a Nurse Case Manager who can help you manage your injured worker claims and reduce your stress

Judy Herberger, RN, CCM

"With over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, I have collaborated extensively with employers, employees, claims adjusters, and medical experts. Through this extensive background, I recognized a crucial requirement for Nurse Case Managers who could effectively serve and collaborate with all parties involved in injury cases, including the injured worker, employer, insurance company, and the medical team. This realization prompted me to establish Assurance Case Management in 1998, with the primary aim of streamlining and simplifying the claims process for all stakeholders."

Owner & Nurse Case Manager

"Judy and her staff are very diligent in the handling of any case I assign them. I am kept updated, as needed, of all developments or concerns as they arise. Judy and her staff work hard to establish a good relationship with our crewmembers and to be there for them when they have worries or questions."

-Kerry Weiss

-Chris Brue

Crowley Marine Services

Eberle Vivan

"I have worked with Assurance Case Management for over 10 years. Their nurses understand what is needed on workers compensation claims and strive to get the documentation that claims adjusters need as quickly as possible. From field case management to obtaining prior medical records to getting MRI scans to IME panels, Assurance Case Management can get the job done."

Services We Offer:

We offer immediate "boots on the ground" services with round-the-clock nurse triage availability through our extensive network of Nurse Case Managers. These professionals are skilled in delivering comprehensive on-site case management to assess suitable medical interventions and treatment options.

Field Case Management

Constant Case Management

Through virtual meeting and telephone conferencing, we offer cost-effective interventions that are not bound by geographic constraints. This approach minimizes expenses and enables our nurses to effectively oversee multiple injured worker cases across the nation and even internationally, regardless of their location.

Task Assignments

We track down and obtain needed medical records, meticulously review them, and offer a comprehensive, well-informed assessment of medical matters. We then formulate a continuous plan aimed at guiding the injured worker toward achieving medical stability.

Catastrophic Injury Case Management

In cases of catastrophic injury, we offer rapid nurse case management services, swiftly evaluating the injured worker's needs and orchestrating the deployment of essential medical services.

According to an article published by Business Insurance, a case manager's involvement has been shown to reduce medical and indemnity costs by an average of $6,100 per workers' comp case.

-Blog: Rehab Select

File Review and Assessment

We assess the current course of the claim and develop a straightforward and precise action plan to guide the injured worker safely and efficiently toward medical stability and eventual closure of the claim.

You can begin moving your injured worker towards medical stability in an easy and cost-effective manner in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Call 425-892-3655

STEP 2: Claim Assessment and Review

STEP 3: Create a Plan

Speak directly with Judy and learn how we tailor our services to your needs to help ensure the best possible outcome for your injured worker.

We will evaluate the current claim status and identify ways to simplify and move forward in a cost-effective manner.

We work with you to create a clear and concise plan of action and then begin by communicating with the employer, the injured worker, and the various medical professionals administering care.

Let us help you manage your injured worker claims